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Ned Dougherty - Saturday, February 04, 2017
FEMINIST DECEPTION??? The Women's March on Washington and global allied demonstrations were financed and organized exclusively to support Planned Parenthood and NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) by organizations funded by George Soros, the "global chaos" promoter. THE BIG QUESTION: Since all polls indicate that most women, especially millenials, are opposed to unfettered abortion, how many marchers were duped into participating in what they otherwise believed was a love-inspired female empowerment event?

Welcome to "THE FEMINIST SPRING" - Feb 4, 2017

Ned Dougherty - Saturday, February 04, 2017


Fortunately, I was not in Washington on Saturday, January 21, 2017 to witness the 'WOMEN'S MARCH ON WASHINGTON", but I became an observer and researcher of mass crowd psychology, particularly during my years as a nightclub owner when I learned, on a much smaller scale, how to manipulate and control a nightclub filled with alcohol and drug-stimulated patrons. Instead, I spent this past Saturday glued to C-Span, in particular, and to a lesser extent CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, so I saw it all; better than any of you who attended either in Washington or at any of the global events.

I observed intently, because I was aware of the globalist plan that was, at least, years in the making, to reach out to each and every one of you who made the commitment and the journey. I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but you were duped, conned, manipulated and played like a pawn, which is exactly what you are, in a very dangerous game in the Global Elites' latest "FIN DE SIECLE". (Go ahead! Look it up.}

LADIES! Do you remember "ARAB SPRING", the series of protests by mostly young Arab males across the Middle East and North Africa that commenced in 2010? Initially, CNN had you gushing in pride and solidarity with your Muslim brothers and sisters in their quest for democracy! Need I tell you how that turned out for not only the Middle East, but the rest of the world?

Well then, welcome to - "THE FEMINIST SPRING" - brought to you by the same Globalist Psychopaths and their "Agent Provocateurs" who produced the "ARAB SPRING"! By plan and intention, they have organized a global demographic of women, who are now willingly participating in their well-orchestrated and manipulated plan to cause global "chaos and confusion" in western civilization as they did in the Middle East. They are about a very high-stakes strategy and game for global domination.

Donald Trump and his newly formed regime stand in the way of their centuries' old New World Order. And they are using you to destroy him. That may be exactly what you are looking for, but before you jump, you better consider the consequences. You may be making a deal with the devil!



Asra Q. Nomani, ( a former Wall Street Journal reporter and self-described liberal Muslim feminist, followed the paper trail which led to George Soros, the sinister billionaire who relishes a global meltdown with the inevitable chaos and anarchy that you never anticipated.

According to Nomani, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, the National Resource Defense Council', the National Action Network, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, MoveOn, and Open Society Foundations.

Oh, wait! The Women's March started organically or spontaneously or both as a result of an overnight tweet by a feminist in Hawaii and it just sort of spread from there, and the reported $98 million funding of the global organization just "kinda happened." If you believe that, well...

Certainly, if you are being honest with yourself, you smelled it in the air last Saturday that there was something much more sinister and dark than Judd's "filthy, vulgar, nasty, women" or Madonna's demonic over-the-top behavior, craving to be relevant.

We are broke! - Dec 8, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Wednesday, December 09, 2015

GREETINGS from NED DOUGHERTY! December 8, 2015

As of today, the Mission of Angels Bank Account has only $37.04

Why does the Mission of Angels Foundation need financial support? I am living on Social Security retirement benefits, and no longer have any other source of income. However, I have had to contribute substantially personally to Mission of Angels to keep the mission going.

In September 2001, I founded the Mission of Angels Foundation Inc. (an IRS recognized 501c.3 Public Charity) which launched End Times Daily on May 1, 2011. Even though traffic to our site has been increasing by leaps and bounds, donations have actually dwindled, which apparently is an economic sign of the times. We have never been so broke!

I must count on our Patrons and Subscribers to assist us throughout each year. In the past since 2001, the Mission of Angels Foundation has relied almost exclusively on the annual Holiday Season campaign to ask for your IRS tax-deductible donations to sustain us through year’s end.

Once again this Holiday Season, the Mission of Angels Foundation is counting on your tax-deductible donations to support our mission and keep End Times Daily alive and online!


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May you and your family enjoy a Blessed Christmas & Peaceful New Year!

Ned Dougherty

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L.A. Chemtrail War - Dec 3, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Saturday, December 05, 2015
December 3, 2015 12:17pm - Los Angeles CA
A chemtrail war against Humanity is being waged over L.A. this morning. An active chemtrail stream crosses the sky, silhouetted by a totally chemtrail - created cloud cover. The fallout from this cloud cover, spread from horizon to horizon, is dropping nano-particles of aluminum, barium, and strontium poisoning all human, animal, and plant life in its path. All other terrorist acts or environmental catastrophes in the history of humanity pale into insignificance compared to these atrocities committed by a U.S government co-opted by psychopaths. Where are the environmentalists on this issue? Supporting the psychopaths at the Paris Climate Deceivers Gala!

Climate Change Psychopaths -Dec 2, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb and an inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove, was an early enthusiast of what madmen ambitiously call solar radiation management (aka geoengineering, chemtrails, HAARP) and his proteges, Harvard Physicist David Keith, and Kenneth Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science. Both are NWO hack scientists, financed by Bill Gates.

As End Times Daily predicted, Psyops Press Releases (P.P.R.) are preparing the sheeple to accept the inevitability of madmen scientists manipulating the very air that we breathe, supposedly to save planet Earth, while it is being deliberately poisoned!

In Hack the Planet, his 2010 book, science writer Eli Kintisch called geoengineering “a bad idea whose time has come.” Dr. Strangelove, indeed!

Poison Over Pope - Sep 27, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Sunday, September 27, 2015


NWO-NBC implies that a miracle took place in the skies from New York to Philadelphia on Friday and Saturday (Sep 25-26, 2015) during the Pope's visit.

THE TRUTH: Natural Rainbows do not occur without moisture, and this phenomenum is NO MIRACLE! But the result of geoengineering - deliberate heavy chemtrail spraying over 80,000 spectators. I was present at Central Park yesterday at approximately 2:30pm, when I received a text from a reader in Queens NY that there was heavy chemtrail activity overhead. I looked up into the clear blue skies and saw the approaching chemtrail clouds from the direction of Queens to the east. I then watched 5-6 chemtrail streams appearing directly overhead, even in crisscrossing patterns, from high-altitude jets. 

Rainbows, more properly named "chemical rainbows" or "chem-bows" began to form, not from the non-existent moisture, but from the nano-particles of aluminum dust, barium, strontium, and other toxic chemicals that were being sprayed by high-altitude jets and almost immediately dropping down - to be inhaled by thousands of clueless spectators.

Many of them around me pointed their cell phones and cameras up to the sky and shouted "Look at the rainbows" and "It's a miracle!" How sad that thousands of people did not have a clue that what they were witnessing was not a miracle but a deliberate pollution of our skies by the same psychopaths, who are pushing 2030 AGENDA at the UN!

By the time the Pope arrived at Central Park at 5:00pm, Manhattan was completely covered by the shapeless chemtrail blanket. On Saturday morning, I was back home in eastern Long Island and the Hampton skies were blanketed by chemtrails. What I observed on both days in Manhattan and the Hamptons (and reportedly as far as Philadelphia PA) is the heaviest bombardment of chemtrails I have ever witnessed. Millions of people in the Northeast have been poisoned in just the last two days, but these chemtrail programs have been spraying, increasingly more heavily, since the 1990s.

If you still think this is a conspiracy theory, educate yourself at:

NBC News Source:

The NWO Game Plan: Endless War - Sep 24, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Thursday, September 24, 2015

The NWO Game Plan: Endless War

On 9-11, approximately 3,000 Americans were killed, so we invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan, for killing all those U.S. citizens. Is that right? No, that can't be right! Because the terrorists who committed the 9-11 atrocities were not from Iran or Afghanistan, but from the following countries: 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia; two were from the United Arab Emirates; one terrorist each from Egypt and Lebanon. But these four Arab countries are friends of the USA, we are told, especially the oil producers, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, so we certainly couldn't declare war against an ally. Hmmm, what to do! Bush and Cheney came up with that answer, so we invaded Iraq, conveniently seizing the oil fields first before bombing the hell out of Baghdad. You know, just to let the world know that we weren't just there to steal the oil fields, which we did first. And we invaded Afghanistan to go after the Taliban, who had successfully burned out the opium/heroin fields reducing Afghanistan's opium production to only 5% of the world market by 2009, when our U.S. troops moved in and were stationed to protect the poppy fields, quite by chance we are told, so now Afghanistan provides 95% of the world's opium/heroin demands for both big pharmaceutical companies and the illegal world trade in heroin. How that heroin that is so heavily guarded by the U.S. troops in Afghanistan makes its way to the streets of even the smallest towns in the USA is anybody's guess! Hmmm! I guess that makes sense. We have to take the good with the bad. Now we discover that our U.S. troops in Afghanistan have been overlooking the pedophile atrocities committed by Afghan military officers, even on U.S. military bases, and that our soldiers are being punished by the Pentagon, if they interfere with our pedophile allies. Well now the mainstream media will express its collective "shock and awe" for these atrocities, giving us another excuse to extend our stay in Afghanistan. Hmmm! Now I do remember why we invaded Iraq, because of 911 and Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. But does anyone remember why we invaded Afghanistan? Well, does it really matter? Thanks to the Illuminati, we have the Hegelian Dialectic information service (aka mainstream media) to make this all perfectly clear: Why the Illuminati is using the USA and our men and women in the armed forces to effect their policy of endless war to protect us from the other terrorists of the world! Otherwise, all signs of this global insanity indicate that we are indeed in the End Times, which calls for God to intervene in this collective insanity to save the world from its own destruction!

The Immigrant Invasion - Sep 14, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Thursday, September 17, 2015
The Global Elites plan to control, neutralize, and destroy the constitutional sovereignty of the USA and tax you into further enslavement: SETTING ASIDE THE FACT THAT A MINORITY OF THE "ILLEGAL" ALIENS MAY BE DECENT & OTHERWISE LAW-ABIDING people, the Mexican Drug Cartels have invaded even the smallest of towns across the USA targeting our early teens' youth with heroin cheaper than pot. Now, western Europe and the USA are being invaded by Muslim/ISIS controlled terrorists in the 1000s and your Democratic & Republican politicians led by Obama are welcoming them. What you are observing is the intentional destruction of the middle-class and the beginnings of well-orchestrated and staged civil wars and rioting, because the 5% fear the collective strength of the 95%. As in all wars staged by the global elites throughout history, they are counting on you to avoid the obvious and dumb yourselves down into submission and enslavement.

My 69th Birthday - Sep 19, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Thursday, September 17, 2015

You are invited!!!



Saturday, September 19, 2015

MASS: 11:30am

For those of you in the Long Island, New York area, please join me to celebrate The Feast of Our Lady of LaSalette and my 69th birthday (an impossible miracle in itself!) at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York Saturday, September 19th for 11:30am Mass followed by coffee and cake at the Shrine Coffee Shop. (Note: This is not a speaking event; but a casual get together of like-minded friends at the Shrine of Our Lady to which I shall return again and again...



Go to: Our Lady of the Island website

Climate Justice??? - Sep 10, 2015

Ned Dougherty - Thursday, September 17, 2015

Climate Deceivers now spinning "Climate Justice"??? As with other issues of late, the new buzz will be "Climate Justice" to persecute and prosecute "Climate Deniers" especially following the New World Order's UN Climate Gala, unfortunately, as it appears, to be led by Pope Francis with the keynote speech at the NWO/UN in late September. For those of you who are still among the majority of the world's populace - "Climate Dupes" - for God' sake, EDUCATE YOURSELF!

Yes, mankind is now responsible for the "freakish and erratic weather patterns" (as prophesied in my book FAST LANE TO HEAVEN in 2001) but not by "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" scams. Global Geo - engineering projects (HAARP, Chemtrails, etc.) have been messing with global weather patterns since the 1990s - all part of the NWO Global Elites plans to scare and terrorize the masses - meaning those of you who prefer to remain "Climate Dupes" - into accepting their new world dis-order! A one-world government, one-world religion, one-world educational (brainwashing) system - all financed by a "Climate Change" global taxation on everyone of us - who are currently being poisoned by land, water, and air chemicals. Just look up in your skies as the toxic, poisonous Chemtrails abound! AND the Climate Deceivers have already gotten the Climate Dupes to pay for their globally insane, geo-engineering war on humanity! WAKE UP & EDUCATE YOURSELF!

And pray for Pope Francis' Trip to the NWO's USA/UN! Pray that the Pontiff is guided by the Love & Light of the Holy Spirit - not by the evil agenda of the New World Order.